About Us

We provide a large number of products with herbal Ayurveda series of various products ranging from tip to toe, A common vision of making top quality products available to customers.We are an Indian grown brand with the aim to give customers unique products combined with a delightful online shopping experience.Buying medicines and products may require you to try 5 medical stores which are miles apart. We want you to be able to do it with a click.

We want to reach those who do not have access to the point of purchase and they are looking for an alternate mechanism to shop and can get the products at their doorstep. Half of the product in the market is flooded with fake pumped mixup chemicals and steroids and that’s why you shop from us. Be sure it is 100% genuine, without any junk.

We are assured to provide the good quality at a shorter time limit as we are providing the quick services to the customers as we believe that the customer is our reward and by serving them time to time the services to them is our leading achievement. We are providing the top qualities health products with very low prices as everyone can afford them easily with the everytime availability options. A good health means a good life with the loved ones.

Why Are We Here

Begin in 2017 with a vision to bring together the small, medium and large organic brands from India all under one roof to not only enable them to market their brand well but also create a dedicated platform to promote Organic wellness and lifestyle.

We want you to lead a healthy and happy life which is only possible with a lifestyle switch to Organics-a living of the future. SukhPatanjali serves as the single largest marketplace which caters to all your needs for leading a healthy lifestyle be it food, beauty care, wellness. you name it and we have it.


Imagine a planet covered in organic herbs, where the majesty and power of Mother Nature is always respected and protected, and where everyone on it has the freedom to live a natural way of life, filled with health and happiness.

The dream of healthy people -We saw a society in need of a deeper connection with nature and communities seeking a more natural life; they craved it for themselves and also for everyone around them.

For those who truly live their lives the organic way we have raised a platform- Organic Insights (https//www.sukhpatanjali.com) which talks out natural ways to live healthy, natural remedies among others. It’s also a platform for those to contribute or share their thoughts who are passionate about organics and have made a lifestyle switch to organics. It has grown to be a dedicated blog to leading an organic lifestyle covering all realms of lifestyle in order to discover a happy, healthier you.

In our quest to build a larger network of people who are passionate about organics and their promotion we would extend an invite to all those who in some way would like to contribute to the cause of organics and organic living. We look forward to building a broader network of people and community who would passionately promote organics in different ways while we are open to exploring newer avenues.

How are we different?

  • Highly effective and result oriented herbal medicines
  • Team of Ayurvedic and herbal professionals
  • Hygienic processing and packaging
  • State-of-the-art infrastructural base
  • Ethical business practices

Our Responsibility

We help customers discover the largest variety of organics in the industry and sell organics online in every part of India. And, It's not just shopping. Our online community of organic enthusiasts which was introduced in 2017- organic insights, helps customers understand organics, in a very simplified, uncomplicated form and empowers them to discuss, voice their opinions, post and share anything related to their organic experience. We help develop consumers into advocates of Organics and encourage them to influence the others.